EMBL-EBI Proteomics Bioinformatics Course attended by Dr Elton Vasconcelos (21 – 26 July, 2019)

Keeping our commitment to update and strengthen our skills on Omics data analyses, our Bioinformatics Research Officer, Dr Elton Vasconcelos, has recently attended a Proteomics Bioinformatics Course provided by EMBL-EBI jointly with the Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses at Hinxton, UK. The course included a mix of both theoretical lectures and practical sessions aimed at hands-on training in the basics of mass spectrometry and proteomics bioinformatics, search engines and post-processing software, quantitative approaches, MS data repositories, the use of public databases for protein analysis, annotation of subsequent protein lists and incorporation of information from molecular interaction and pathway databases.

Dr Vasconcelos has identified proteomics as one of the key omics approaches that he wants to develop further expertise in. He hugely benefitted from attending the EBML-EBI course, improving his understanding of the data, as well as how to better perform analyses using cutting-edge tools. He has already started collaborating on proteomics data analysis efforts for different projects in both Dr Julie Aspden and Dr Niamh Forde research groups. His background in molecular biology/biochemistry and bioinformatics definitely helps him making the most of this new skill acquisition, enabling him to enhance a niche skill set within LeedsOmics.

LeedsOmics Research Symposium 2019

The LeedsOmics Research Symposium 2019 on May 13th, 2019 was a great success again this year, full of great talks by talented researchers with an emphasis on genomics, transcriptomics, translatomics and proteomics at the University of Leeds. We hosted two keynote speakers: Dr Michael Barnes (Queen Mary University of London) and Prof Claire Eyers (University of Liverpool), who delighted us with fantastic overviews on machine learning applied to omics-derived clinical data and paradigm shifts in our understanding of protein phosphorylation, respectively. Attendees (PhD students, postdocs, technicians, and academics) had plenty of opportunities to chat about omics-related science during coffee/lunch breaks, a stimulating poster session, and wine and cheese reception.

Congratulations to Alysha Taylor on winning the best oral presentation award and to Ioannis Tsagakis on winning the best poster presentation award at LeedsOmics Research Symposium 2019.

Leeds Omics Launch was a Huge Success – thank you !

This morning we celebrated the launch of Leeds Omics. We had well over 100 members of the community share in the celebration with us, including our two Deans (as photographed). It was a great opportunity for us to share our vision for Leeds Omics and for us all to get to meet one another and start the development of this hugely energetic research community.

We would like to thank all those members of the community that showed their support and interest in coming along today, and our two Deans for their words of encouragement and support.

We have an exciting and busy time ahead as we begin our various community building activities over the coming weeks and months. We really look forward to meeting you all to discuss research !

Leeds Omics Virtual Institute

Save the date: 21st June for the launch of Leeds Omics.

You are invited to the launch of Leeds Omics on Tuesday morning (21st June) at 10.00am.

Please register for this event using the following link:


Dr Julie Aspden, Dr Mary J. O’Connell and Dr Niamh Forde (Founders of Leeds Omics).

Leeds Omics is a cross faculty initiative between the Faculty of Biological Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Heath Sciences. The aim is to bring together the critical mass of researchers using the omics technologies across the University of Leeds (www.leedsomics.org). The launch will take place in LIDA on level 11 of the Worsley building on Tuesday the 21st of June at 10.00am. Both John Ladbury (Dean of FBS) and Paul Stewart (Dean of FMH) will be saying a few words to celebrate the launch, and we will give a short overview of the vision for Leeds Omics. Please join us for coffee and cake, and a chance to network with other researchers using or interested in using omics data and technologies here at Leeds.

To subscribe to our mailing list please click the link below:


If you are a PI and are interested in being a member of Leeds Omics (including having your research profile on the Leeds Omics website) please e-mail a member of the Leeds Omics steering committee (J.Aspden@leeds.ac.uk:M.OConnell@leeds.ac.uk: N.Forde@leeds.ac.uk) and we will give you the information that we need.


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Niamh, Mary and Julie (Leeds Omics steering committee).


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